Sectoral Information


ICC (International Chamber Of Commerce) is an organization describing the risk and responsibilities in respect of the buyer, seller and transporter in the international trade to which Turkey is part. International trade is made under the scope of rules defined by said chamber. This organization has gathered the probabilities regarding the terms of delivery in the trade relation between the buyer and seller under general headings. These delivery terms are known as INCOTERMS.














When entering in the new thousand year these INCOTERMS were revised by said organization under the name INCOTERMS 2000 (2000 International Commercial Terms). Since Turkey is a part of said convention any ruling regarding disagreements, which you may have with your transporter or foreign customers, will be also governed by INCOTERMS 2000.

This text aims to transmit the subject in an understandable manner by comparing the liabilities of the buyer and seller in headings of INCOTERMS 2000.