Land Transportation

Eknak provides its customers with land transportation services on optimum level thanks to its environment friendly vehicles and its staff specialized in ITALY transportations and through its domestic and abroaf offices.


Under the assurance of the company Eknak SRL established in Italy are particularly partial transports realized via warehouses existing in Trieste, Udine, Padua, Bologna, Modena, Milano, Prato, Roma and Napoli.

Having adopted as a principled to provide always its customers with reliable, puncutal, smooth transport services regarding Italy transports thanks to its 25 yearly experience, maximum service quality, extensive abroad contacts, customs clearing, warehousing, abroad internal-transport and alternative solutions.

Moreover, provides its customers with most appropriate transportation models and solution suggestions primarily through its internationally reliable connections primarily to Swiss and other European countries considering entire commercial, operational and legal aspects.

Eknak has also become popular with its Swiss transportations thanks to its new structuring. Particularly regarding South Swiss transportations are quite short transit times provided with its Italy route preference.