Ekspress Transport



EKNAK EKSPRES provides quite fast solutions export and import transportations to any place in Europe for customers, who have urgent shipments.  Accordingly thanks to this service, which is preferable as an alternative particularly to the air-transport, it is ensured that our customers get the door-to-door service to quite more affordable freights with instant information flow.          

Our company having developed a new service for speed transport, which is one of the most important factors of transportation in world’s changing and developing economy, creates special solutions for its customers via partial urgent shipments thanks to this service called EKNAK EKSPRES.

Regarding transport between our country and entire European countries, we are able to provide our customers with service on optimum level by means of its vehicles having a capacity of 17 m3/1.300 kg within 18 and 48 hours depending on the region; thus our customers are enabled to reach with EKNAK EKSPRES the service, which the achieve with plane-shipments, faster and better prices.